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Insulation for Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers

Insulation is typically used for heat exchangers on chilled water systems to prevent buildup of condensation on the unit in warm, humid environments. It is also used on hot water systems for safety reasons, to keep the surface and room temperatures manageable.

Insulation on heat exchangers typically is not required to improve thermal efficiency because the exposed surface area of the plates is minimal in comparison to the total effective heat transfer area.

Blanket Insulation

•Flexible PTFE/Silicone impregnated fiberglass cloth design allows for ease of installation even in tight spaces.

•Glass fiber felt insulation completely encapsulated with PTFE/Silicone impregnated fiberglass cloth.

•Less susceptible to freight damage than rigid insulation cabinets.

•Easily expanded.

•Lower cost than rigid insulation cabinets.

•Pricing available from ESP Thermal design software.

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Rigid Cabinet Insulation

•Esthetically pleasing rigid aluminum exterior.

•Less susceptible to cutting.

•Mechanical clips for service.

•Rigid construction can be restrictive during service in tight spaces.

•Insulation exposed on interior of cabinet.

•Slightly more expansive than insulation blankets.

•Pricing available upon request.

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Standard Xchange offers both blanket insulation and rigid insulation cabinets and both technologies have advantages and disadvantages depending on customer needs.