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Heat Exchangers for Combined Heat & Power Applications

CCHP (Combined Cooling Heating & Power) refers to the generation of electrical power with the simultaneous use of the heat created by the generation process. The by‐product, heat energy, is often used to heat water for direct use (Cogeneration), and/or consumption by Chillers (Trigeneration) to produce cold water.

During the operation of the engine, the alternator produces electricity and heat is generated in the lubricating oil system as well as the engine jacket cooling system with temperatures maintained in the 200F range and with exhaust gas of 1100F. Through the use of heat exchangers the heat from the lubricating oil, engine jacket cooling and exhaust gas can be recovered to heat water for direct use and improving the overall operating efficiency of the process.



Numerous types of heat exchangers can be used for the CCHP system each with their own features and benefits and include brazed plate, gasketed plate and shell and tube exchangers. Some solutions can even be made with the heat recovery from the lubrication oil and engine jacket water combined in a single unit.


Standard Xchange is a leading supplier of brazed plate, gasketed plate, air‐cooled, and shell and tube heat exchangers ideally suited to the needs of combined heat and power applications with power generation system integrators, engine manufacturers and regional engine/power generation distributors.

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