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Piping and Valves offered by Zero Gravity Filters, Thermal Pipe Systems and Warren Controls.

Piping & Valves


thermal pipe systems

Thermal Pipe Systems, Inc. was formed in 1979 with a core focus to provide the heating and cooling distribution industry with superior and innovative pre-insulated pipe products. Initial product offerings evolved through the acquisition of the patents and manufacturing rights to pre-insulated products developed by the Pipe Division of Johns-Mansville Corporation. Additional products were added in 1981 when Thermal Pipe Systems and Smith Fiberglass Products, Inc. signed an agreement whereby Thermal Pipe Systems received exclusive rights to market Smith products to the central heating and cooling industry. An affiliation was made in 1993 with Spatz Fiberglass Products, Inc., further improving the product line with additional fiberglass casing products. Today, TPS continues to develop products that meet or exceed industry demands.

Thermal Pipe Systems has a full product line offering solutions engineered to meet your specific requirements, many incorporating their unique Water Spread Limiting system. They offer traditional field welded piping manufactured from various types of core piping, insulation, and casings. Additionally, they offer push joint systems.


Warren controls

Warren Controls is a 60+-year-old Veteran-owned company, originating from the roots and DNA of Mueller Steam Specialties Co. in Warren Township, NJ. It was subsequently known as Warren Regulator Company and finally Warren Controls Inc. of Bethlehem, PA. Warren Controls has been, and continues to be a major supplier of their 1/2" to 12" designs to energy management giants such as Belimo, Johnson Controls, and Siemens.

Much of their production, featuring 100% USA materials, production and assembly, has been dedicated to the USA military establishment. Warren Controls equipment is on board most of the USA combatant ships afloat or submerged, including regulators, pneumatic controllers, PRVs and specialty application control valves.

They offer diverse valve design and quality manufacturing for low pressure steam to high-pressure superheated steam, gas, and liquid applications, including two-way control and three-way diverting or mixing applications – up to ANSI Class 300 in sliding stem and rotary globe designs.