Quality Products From
A Single Source!

Passionate, experienced, and qualified
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Supplier of custom heating and cooling solutions, utilizing top quality manufacturers of commercial and industrial boilers, heat exchangers, flue vents, gas analyzers and HVAC pumps. New construction or replacement projects are easier when you call Heat Tech! When it comes to customer service, we set the bar to a high level of quality service which is second to none. With nearly 100 years of combined experience, you won’t find a representative of boiler room equipment who can provide the same level of expertise. For immediate assistance with your boiler, heat exchanger, or pump selection call or email Heat Tech today!

Quality Products From A Single Source!

Passionate, Experienced, and Qualified

Heat Technology Products has been successfully serving the market since 1964. Our success can be largely attributed to giving our customers the very best "Valued Engineered Products" to meet their needs. In addition to this, we offer single source responsibility and guaranteed work.

To aid design engineers and end users in the proper sizing and selection of equipment. We can run in-house, a wide variety of factory programs. These programs allow us to do everything from determining the back pressure on a burner, caused by a 100ft. stack, to solving very complex heat transfer problems.


Industrial Heating and Cooling Products

The products provided by Heat Tech such as boilers, heat exchangers, and commercial heating and cooling systems are possible due to long and healthy relationships with our manufacturers. We have earned the trust and business of multiple industries, including those of a traditional nature as well as those in present and future markets like alternative fuels, energy savings projects, and heat recovery. Our products have been certified to the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) whenever possible.

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Number One Products From Number One Manufacturers

Our manufacturers are from the "A" list and have long histories of developing and building product. With just five companies on our line card, there is a combined 500 years of manufacturing experience! Through our honest and direct relationships, we will represent YOU with upmost professionalism to ensure 100% satisfaction with your purchase from us.

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We provide you with a solution to your application. Not just any solution – the RIGHT solution! We will only sell industrial heating and cooling products that we are 100% sure of. Our staff of experts has the capability to select equipment locally using tools, such as software and proven charts, to respond to your needs quickly and accurately. This will simplify your process and enable efficient use of your time. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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