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Gas analyzers (Ultramat, Oxymat, Fidamat, Calomat and In-Situ) offered by Siemens.


Partnering solely with Siemens, we are able to offer continuous process gas analyzers for HC, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, H2, CI2, HCI, NH3, and more. Available as paramagnetic, thermal conductivity, in-situ laser, NDIR, UV, FID, and CMS, they feature extremely low drift, low maintenance, and high accuracy and specificity.


The most common gases to be measured by Siemens ULTRAMAT 6 and the ULTRAMAT 23 gas analyzers using the NDIR techniques are Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, NOx, SO2 and Methane. This isn't the complete list, but it represents about 90% of the applications they see for NDIR analysis.


Between the options of the OXYMAT 6, 61 and 64, Siemens can offer ultrafast response for safety monitoring, provide corrosion-proof design for analysis in the presence of highly corrosive gases, a low-cost oxygen analyzer for standard applications, and allow for the detection of small traces of oxygen in applications such as air separation plants, production of technical gases, and welding in a protective atmosphere

fidamat SERIES

Siemens FIDAMAT is a flame ionization detector for measuring the total hydrocarbons in a gas stream. After ionizing the hydrocarbons in a burning Hydrogen flame, the carbon ions are attracted to a charged grid and the resulting pulses are counted. This technique can measure down to half a part-per-million (ppm) and up to nearly 100,000 ppm in the same instrument.


calomat series

With the CALOMAT 6 and 62, Siemens offers an instrument designed for the measurement of hydrogen in inert gas concentrations in blast furnace gas and carbon dioxide mixtures. It allows 19" rack mounting or use as a field device, providing an instrument specially designed for use in applications with corrosive gases such as chlorine and measures gas components such as H2, CL2, HCL or NH3 in binary and quasi-binary gas blends.

In-situ series

Siemens offers multipoint in-situ tunable diode laser gas analysis for NH3, O2, CO, CO2, H2O, HCl, and HF in NH3 slip, process control, combustion, and safety applications. They also offer a single point, in-situ tunable diode laser gas analysis for O2 in combustion, process control, and safety applications.